Scholarships - Studiebeurs


In Kenia is de middelbare school (secondary school) niet gratis. Dit moeten ouders 100% zelf betalen. Wij geven 15 leerlingen een secondary school beurs. Daarnaast ondersteunen wij 3 studenten aan de PWANI universiteit. 


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Tijdens een van haar werkbezoeken heeft onze voorzitter kennisgemaakt en gevraagd of ze in het kort in hun eigen woorden hun verhaal willen vertellen. 


We starten met het verhaal van Gertrude, die inmiddels met onze hulp haar secondary school succesvol heeft afgerond en onlangs (sept 2021) is begonnen met een studie aan de universiteit. Haar droom gaat ze waarmaken: leraar worden!



My name is Gertrude Choni Mwangome. I come from Bahari Girls Secondary School. This is my second year being in school, meaning I am in form 2. My family is family of six: two sisters and four brothers. My mother passed away, I am now living with my father who has been a supporting father. I would like to be a teacher; this is because I admire teachers when they are at work, especially Mrs.Jacqueline (LIBA). Let the world understand the importance of teachers and this will be achieved through me. The answer to any miserable life is education.


'My name is Alfred Changawa Rimba, I am 18 years old. My school is Nuru High and I am in form 4. I love to learn, because I want to be in a good job after university. And I want to support my family because my family is very poor.



'My name is Pascal Mutinda. I am at form 2 of the Joanna Chase High School. I want to be a lawyer to fight for justice so as to stop corruption. I am 16 years old. I am happy being in school so as to improve the living standard in our family. And lastly I want to thank the Learn! Foundation together

with Mrs. Jacqueline Jumbe (LIBA) for the support the have shown to me by helping me in paying my school fees.




I am Eunice Karembo Keiingu. I am 15 years old. I am in form 1 at St. Thomas Girls High School. I am coming from a family of 8 children. I am happy to be in school because education is the key to succes. My career is to be a doctor in Kilifi County.




My name is Stella Sidi. I am 18 years old. My school is Kombeni Girls' Secondary School. My ambition is to be a veternary doctor and to study international relations. Reason for being in school: I am aspiring to help my family and also help the animals because that is my passion. and I love helping people. I want to work with International Organisations like the U.N to help people such as refugees, orphans. Thank you for the support and God bless you.



I am Elviner Zawadi Ngaliani, a girl of 17 years old. I learn at Bahari Girls' High School in form 3. I am from a family with 2 parents and 12 children. I am so grateful to be at school because I know that my dream will come true so that I can assist others to make it in their lives. My ambition is to be

a faithful lawyer future in my life.



My name is Kelis Furaha Harrison, 18 years old. I am studying at Bahari Girls' High School, form 3. My ambition is to become a bankmanager or do mechanical engineering. I am coming from a poor family of six children. I am gratefull to be in school especially the school environment is conclusive

I am in. This is because education is the key to life. It has also made me escape from many circumstances.



My name is Gladys Sophia Samini, I am 18 years old. My school is Nuru High, form 2. I am coming from a family of 7 children. My ambition is to become a doctor. I want to succeed in my life, as I know knowledge is power.




I am John Kiraga, 19 years old. I am a student in Kilifi Mixed Secondary School. My ambition is to become an engineer. The importance to me to be in school is to improve knowledge and skills. I come from a poor class family.



I am Michael Musa, I am 16 years old. I am at Sokoke Boys Secondary. My dream is to become the greatest lawyer from the Cost region. I need education because it is the key to success. I too wish to be a helper to my mother who has always helped me where she can. I am too inspired to

be a sponsor in future and a role model to the society.




My name is Emmanuel Mbela. I am the last born in a family of 6. I am in form 4 at the Kilifi Township School. I am 22 years and live in Kilifi. My ambition is to become a engineer.