Our main program is Learning Companion. We work with primary schools. Among other school needs we improve infrastructure, provide seating facilities and textbooks, we support school-gardening / food program, provide school uniforms, do life skills training to teachers and learners, provide water and sanitation facilities and strengthen school clubs, like scouting.

We have supported Bofa Primary School and Makonjemare Primary School (2012-2021) and now we are at Mbwana Primary school - all in Kilifi region. 

Mbwana Primary

The school has 800 pupils (including toddlers from PP1 and PP2). The children mainly learned in classrooms made of clay and branches. Sand on the floor. In many classes, there's not even furniture. The children sit on the floor on a stone and sometimes with more than 80 children in the class. There is even a class with 120 students!
Phase I is finished: we have renovated 3 existing classrooms (read: newly built on an existing foundation) and built 3 new classrooms. All rooms are also furnished with benches and tables. The opening took place on October 19, 2022. It was a party to remember. What a joy!

We would of course love to continue with Phase II: the construction of two more classrooms and an administration block for the teachers and the principal of the school. So we're going into action mode again to help this school. We will make a decision as soon as we have a budget. So follow the news on this site!