In Kenya, secondary school is not free. Parents have to pay for this 100% themselves. We give students a secondary school scholarship. In addition, we now support 4 students who are doing a university course. Three students study at PWANI University, 1 student in Nairobi.

This is Gertrude, who has now successfully completed her secondary school with our help and started studying at the university in September 2021. She is going to make her dream come true: to become a teacher! She is doing very well. She is highly motivated and can't believe that she will get this opportunity through a scholarship from the Learn! foundation.


My name is Gertrude Choni Mwangome. I come from Bahari Girls Secondary School. This is my second year being in university. My family is family of six: two sisters and four brothers. My mother passed away, I am now living with my father who has been a supporting father. I would like to be a teacher; this is because I admire teachers when they are at work, especially Mrs. Jackline (Learn! Foundation CBO). Let the world understand the importance of teachers and this will be achieved through me. The answer to any miserable life is education.