Learn! Foundation consists of 4 board members, external advisors and volunteers in the Netherlands and Kenya, who make our work a success.

'With a big heart for your work', Stef Bos, singer and lyricist, said the following about the Learn! foundation:

'The future prospects of a country are not measured by the growth figures of the economy, but by the state of education. Africa is dancing on thin ice in this area, especially when it comes to education for children from disadvantaged neighborhoods. It's nice to see that the Learn! Foundation is committed to this, because in the hands of these children lies the key to the future of a country.'

Ton van der Lee, author (and Africa expert) of many books about Africa, also supports Learn! foundation. He says:

'When I read your objectives, I think you have thought carefully about how these types of projects should be set up. Key words are sustainability and the needs that arise from the population itself, not invented by outsiders from the west'.