Learn! Foundation receives requests for support from schools, a community and individuals. We think it is very important that the request for help comes from the community. We don't determine what's good for them or what they need.

Donor & project

Sometimes we link a donor to a specific project. This is then a so-called earmarked project. But even better is that there is money in the general coffers, so that we can respond adequately to new requests, without looking for a specific donor. That works so nicely. Of course we always report on how we have spent our money.

Local network

We have a large local network and we can switch quickly. In addition, in this way good monitoring is possible with regard to the progress of our projects.


Our focus is on our projects that we develop with our office in Kilifi - Kenya. Because these are multi-year commitments, applications for financial support for projects other than our own are not possible. In short: we do not support other foundations.